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Peking University HSBC Business School is one of the most dynamic, innovative and internationalized business schools in the world. 

It has been accredited by AACSB as one of the top 5% of over 16,000 business schools in the world for its international excellence in academics, including both teaching and research.


Why choose PHBS UK?


We are the first Chinese campus in the developed world, located in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside


We have world-leading professors with an in-depth knowledge of global business, with specialties within the Asian markets and business culture


We offer a unique insight into the Chinese market, and the opportunity to study and create real business network links in China. 


We are united to achieve and committed to international collaboration in all areas of business and academics.


Cultivating leaders with Vision, Wisdom, and Responsibility for China and the world.


Integrity - Creativity - Futurity 

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New Year Open Day
On February 23rd PHBS UK hosted an open day to celebrate the Chinese New Year and to explore new opportunities for Sino-UK connectivity & learning. The open day provided staff, students (both current and prospective) and guests with excellent opportunities to learn more about the prospects available for graduates in China. It gave guests the chance to hear from Chinese scholars, Peking University students, and Chinese company directors and dev
PHBS UK 2018 Christmas Party
On Wednesday, 19th December PHBS UK hosted a wonderful Christmas party for staff, students and a variety of people and organisation we have had the pleasure to work with. It was a great event with Jason, our food maestro, providing us with a feast of both Chinese and English delicacies. A festive photo booth was in action providing great props for some excellent festive photoshoot enjoyed by staff and students alike! It was a fantastic
Round Table Discussion with the Alumni of Peking University
  On Sunday, 9th December 2018, PHBS (UK) had the honour of hosting a round table discussion between our students and two distinguished alumni of Peking University - Ms Xu Yan, the Chief Representative of the China Development Bank (CDB), London Representative Office, and Ms Jin Mei, the Chief Representative, The People’s Bank of China, in the Representative Office for Europe.  Ms Xu
Meeting with the representatives of Tsinghua University and Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)
On Thursday, 29 November 2018, the director of Peking University HSBC Business School (UK), Professor Guy Liu met with the Tsinghua University Director of Operations, and member of the leadership at Global Innovation Exchange (GIX), Mr Qiang Wan and his team of representatives. The meeting is unique and exciting because of the international nature of both GIX and PHBS-UK; T
Peking University Alumni Conference 2018
Peking University Alumni Association – United Kingdom Held Its 2018 Annual Meeting On December 8, 2018, the 8th Annual Meeting of Peking University Alumni Association – United Kingdom (PKUAA-UK) was successfully held at PHBS UK campus in Oxfordshire.     Before the annual meeting, alumni were invited to join a guided tour in Oxfordshire. The Annual Meeting was hosted by the 2010 alumni Lin Li and


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PHBS-UK is the UK Campus of the Peking University HSBC Business School

Foxcombe Hall,
Boars Hill,
PHONE: +44 1865 957600